Hi I am Dennis Narcisi, Second generation Meat man, I grew up in the Meat business from sweeping my dad’s and uncle’s butcher store floors at age eight, to present day. I also had the priviledge of running a smokehouse for three years. Over the years the meat industry has changed a lot from the grading system of beef to the way everything is packed and shipped.

I am here to put my fifty years of experience to answer your questions about meat and cuts of meat. Ever wonder what the best cut of meat is to use for certain situations? Ever wonder if it is better to bone out chicken or to buy it already boned out. How about those bulk buys and farms that cut up livestock for you on sight. These are the question I will answer.  I will be posting recipes and some spice combos for meat rubs for your enjoyment.

 Please feel free to ask your questions about meat , the industry, and any other things that you would like to know about the food you buy.

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